Accidents Due to Lack of Floor Traction

Slip and fall accidents are common as they can occur in just about any establishment. Unfortunately, they can also have very severe results including fractures, spinal cord injuries, and other serious bodily harm. One thing that is a factor in every slip and fall accident that takes place inside of a building is the floor. In fact, lack of adequate floor traction is one of the most common causes of falls in business and retail stores. A fall may be directly related to the type of floor or flooring surface. Further, if the surface of the floor is contaminated or wet then the traction is substantially reduced and a slippery condition is created. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to a dangerous condition of this nature, contact a South Florida Slip and Fall Attorney at DRG Firm.

An injury may also be due to the fact that a floor is smooth, but when it is wet it turn out to be unreasonably slippery. This may be the case not only for normal flooring, but also on the surface of stairs Property owners have a responsibility to reasonable inspect their property for dangers that they know about or should know about. For example, if you have slipped on an extremely slippery stairwell that was wet because it is outside and subject to weather elements then a duty of care may have been breached by the property owner. It could be found that it was reasonable for the property owner to do something simple, like put down traction grids or a traction paint, to prevent injury.

Another consideration is the “camouflage theory” which asks whether the slippery substance on the floor was easily visible to the victim. If lack of floor traction lead to an injury because a liquid was spilled on the floor then it is important to note what color the spilled liquid was and compare it to the color of the floor. Let's say water or milk is spilled on a white floor- that would be hard for a slip and fall victim to see, especially in comparison to a dark soda spilled on the same white floor. If the hazardous substance was hard to spot then it is evidence that suggests the victim was not able to avoid slipping and thus prevent injury.

A lack of traction slip and fall case can be a lot more complicated than it first appears. For a case to be successful some of the things you need to show are that the floor was in a dangerous condition at the time of the accident, and that there was a breach of duty by the owner or person in charge of the establishment. Gathering this evidence can be difficult and may require testing, measurements, or expert testimony. The best way to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve is to speak with a Miami-Dade Slip & Fall Attorney.

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