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After a home or business property loss, you are left devastated to deal with the destruction. You may initially find comfort in knowing that you have property insurance to protect you. However, this consolation can fade quickly once you realize how overwhelming preparing your claim can be. The daunting task includes gathering forms, filling out documents, and producing estimates before you can present your claim to your insurance company.

A claim preparation will have you faced not only with mounds of paperwork, but also dealing with your insurer, adjusters and contractors. In addition to that, you may even be required to attend an EUO (examination under oath). After you have suffered a property loss the last thing you want to do is spend time away from your family, job, and commitments in order to develop the complex documentation your insurance company requires before paying your policy benefits. At an already trying period, the added stress, expenses, and time needed to prepare your insurance claim may be too much to handle.

Presenting a claim can be a difficult task, especially if the insurance company disputes an aspect of coverage. The South Florida home property loss attorneys at DRG Firm can help put your mind at ease by preparing the claim for you. The experienced Miami claim preparation attorneys at DRG Firm, will be with you every step of the way. Our staff will help you produce all necessary, documents, estimates, and expert reports necessary to prepare your claim. The great thing about hiring a South Florida windstorm or home property loss attorney is that the attorney can do almost everything necessary to present your claim and if need be litigate in a State or Federal Court. Only attorneys can offer this comprehensive service.

Most business and commercial interruption policies include coverage for claim preparation expenses such as the costs of taking inventory, appraisals, or discovering hidden damage. While homeowner’s policies often don’t reference this coverage, a Broward County claim preparation attorney may be able to negotiate coverage of these expenses as an additional living expense. The attorneys at DRG Firm will help you receive maximum compensation for your loss, which may include the expenses incurred from proving your loss.

It is preferable to hire an attorney from the beginning of the claims process to make sure your claim is appropriately prepared. Some aspects of proper claim preparation include:

  1. Keeping all receipts and a log of all activities related to evaluating the damage.
  2. Consulting with an expert for an appraisal of your lost property.
  3. Establishing time lost from work and the resulting loss in wages.
  4. Documenting communications with the insurance company, insurance adjuster or any one else involved in the preparation of your claim.

Inappropriate or mishandled claim presentations may lead to a denial by your insurance company. Be sure that your South Florida claim preparation is handled properly. Call DRG Firm if you have suffered a home or business property loss. We can be reached at 1.888.413.8353.

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