Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial insurance claims may include a variety of concerns and issues. In other words, it may include claims related to property, business interruption, or inventory. As Miami commercial insurance claims attorneys we understand that these claims may have many different facets. These are complicated claims and a Florida commercial insurance claims attorney can help avoid delay and denial of your contractual rights.

Commercial insurance claims usually bring to mind issues pertaining to property, inventory, and business interruption. Property claims involve issues pertaining to buildings, warehouses, or any other property owned by a business. An example would be a property owned by a business which is damaged by a tropical storm, hurricane, or earthquake. Assuming the property is covered by a policy, the business would then have the possibility to submit a claim for damages. The inventory may be damaged by the same event, and thus a claim may exist there as well. The damage to property and inventory may result in an interruption to business that may also be covered. Thus, if the above mentioned coverage is available it may help tremendously to alleviate any impact to your business. When buying insurance for your business it is important to consult with an attorney or insurance agent to help determine what type of coverage you need.

Of course, a policy does not mean that the insurance company will cover the loss. The insurance company may try to delay or outright deny the claim. As Florida insurance claims lawyers we have seen this often. An insurance company can use any of the following to delay or deny a Florida commercial insurance claim:

  • Argue that the loss is not covered by the policy.
  • State that a certain post loss requirement or condition has not been met by insured.
  • State that there has been a material misrepresentation in the application.
  • They may undervalue the claim.
  • They may take unreasonable amounts of time to evaluate the claim.
  • They may dispute damage to content and issue of depreciation.

The above are only a few of the tactics insurance companies use to deal with commercial insurance claims. Once a loss occurs it is important to document it right away. That is, take pictures and notes as to what has been damaged. If any repairs are made it is imperative that receipts are kept. It is also important to keep clear records of inventory in case of loss. Furthermore, any loss should be reported to the insurance company within a short period of discovery. If you have any doubts or qualms call a South Florida commercial insurance claims attorney. If the insurance company wants to take a recorded statement or interview it wise to have a Fort Lauderdale insurance claims attorney present.

If you need assistance with a commercial insurance claim DRG Firm is here to assist you. We are available 24/7 to help you. Our Miami-Dade commercial insurance claims attorneys understand that a loss can occur at any time. We can be reached at 1-888-413-8353.

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