Condominium Association Insurance Claims

Condominium associations in South Florida should be ready to deal with damages resulting from storms, hurricanes, plumbing/water losses, fires, sinkholes, etc. For the most part, losses related to condominiums common areas tend to be much larger than those related to a homeowner's claims. For that reason, this sort of loss requires careful documentation, analysis, and handling. A Condominium Association should not go at this alone. A mistake could result with a claim being denied or undervalued. Ultimately, it is the individual condo owners who suffer if a claim is not properly handled. To avoid mistakes, it is imperative to hire a Miami condo association claims attorney.

If a loss occurs, then it is important to report it to the corresponding insurance company as soon as possible. Everything must be done to document the loss in detail. It would also be wise to hire a general contractor to determine the amount of the loss or damage. The insurance company will most likely produce their own estimate. Sometimes the estimate is fair, and other times it undervalues the claim. It may also be possible that an insurance estimate does not take into account the entire loss. A General Contractor will be able to understand the full scope of the loss.

If your insurance coverage is being disputed there is a specific process that must be followed to resolve the disagreement. As Miami condominium insurance claims lawyers we can assist through this process. Insurance law can be complicated, especially if you are not well-versed in insurance policy interpretation. Your condo association may appear to have coverage in the predominant part of your policy, and then find that it excluded or limited in other parts of the contract for coverage. Likewise, coverage you do not think you have may be endorsed in the document. It is the language of your policy that will determine if your claim is covered, limited, or partially excluded.

Our Firm can assist in the following areas of condominium insurance disputes:

  • Claim preparation
  • Hurricane/storm Claims
  • Coverage disputes
  • Water damage
  • Bad Faith Claims
  • Fire Loss
  • Undervalued claims
  • Sink hole claims
  • Delay of payment
  • Plumbing losses
  • Unfair and abusive treatment
  • Litigation

Many clients have come to us after hiring a public adjuster. You should keep in mind that many public adjusters have little experience and complicate matters if the claim needs to be litigated. If you hire an attorney from the onset you avoid potentially paying both an adjuster's and an attorney's fees.

You may find that your association has a valid claim and the insurance company you rely on denies the claim, or offers insufficient compensation for the loss you have suffered. If you are being mistreated by your insurance company, do not let the burden fall on you and your condo owners. Insurance companies do make mistakes, and sometimes act in ways that are detrimental to you association. The Fort Lauderdale Condominium insurance coverage dispute attorneys at DRG Firm are here to assist you. We can be reached at 1.888.413.8353.

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