Front Impact Car Accidents

As Miami-Dade county accident attorneys we know Front Impact collisions are typically the most devastating accident that any driver can encounter on the road. These collisions often cause severe damage to the automobiles involved in the crash. This is in part because many cars are designed to absorb the force of the impact to protect its occupants. It is also a result, however, of the tremendous forces at play in these head-on collisions. Despite the best efforts of automakers to include safety precautions for these violent accidents, they unfortunately can result in serious injury or death.

Head-on collisions cause a dramatic amount of force to be transferred to your vehicle and to you. Additionally, these impacts trigger many of the safety functions of your car, including the operation of seatbelts and the deployment of airbags, which can cause injury themselves. Because so many forces act upon you and your car in an instant, the damage is often wide-ranging and severe. This has profound effects on your legal rights. First, because of the severity of the injuries, you may be entitled to recover directly from the other driver or their insurance company. In addition, the injuries that you suffer may require a long period of time to recover from, and may significantly change your ability to earn wages, spend time with your family, or even return to the life you had before the accident. Lastly, some injuries may not fully manifest themselves immediately, or the severity of particular injuries may not fully be known. In order to best protect yourself and to ensure you obtain all the compensation you are entitled to after such an overwhelming event, it is important to consult with a South Florida Injury Attorney.

At DRG Firm, we are sensitive to the unique needs and concerns of each client. We promise to devote to you all the time and attention necessary to help you overcome the challenges such an accident creates. The injuries a front impact collision can cause may include broken bones, ligament and muscle damage, and injuries to the head and neck. The lower extremities are particularly vulnerable to injury. The life altering implications these injuries can have make it urgent for you to consider the assistance of a Miami area front impact car accident attorney. Your initial consultation with an attorney at DRG Firm is at no cost to you, and will help you determine what your rights are or if you are being offered enough to help you overcome your injuries.

It is important to know that a front impact collision does not necessarily have to be with another car. The collisions can be between your car and a barrier, pole, tree, or any number of other fixed objects lining the streets. Front impact collisions can also be at low speed, and seemingly cause little damage to your automobile. In these instances, insurance companies may try to pay you less than you deserve, citing the small amount of visible damage that may have occurred. Serious injuries can still result from crashes doing little damage to your car.

If you have been involved in a front impact or "head-on" collision, and have questions concerning the amount an insurance company has offered you or your rights against another driver, contact a Florida car accident attorney at DRG Firm. We pledge to respond to your inquiry rapidly, and to address any questions or concerns you may have. We will never charge you for legal services until you receive compensation. If you have questions about your accident, please call us any time, any day at (888) 413-8353, and we will begin helping you right away.

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