Homeowner's Insurance Claims

You never know when it will happen, but it does. Windstorms, rain, sinkholes, water leaks, and flooding (among other things) can damage your home. If you have suffered damage to your home or belongings and your insurance company refuses to pay, you should seek the advice of an experienced insurance lawyer right away. The firm of DRG Firm handles a variety of homeowner insurance disputes and is here to assist you.

  • Fire Loss / Claim
  • Hurricane / Windstorm Claim
  • Water Damage / Water Loss
  • Claim Preparation
  • Sink Holes Claims
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Plumbing Losses
  • Lightning Strike Damage Claims
  • Homeowner's Insurance Claim Denial Based on Material Misrepresentation
  • Homeowner’s Appraisal

In the unfortunate event your house has suffered substantial damage or has been destroyed, you are facing quite an obstacle. A homeowner’s insurance claim not only requires massive amounts of paperwork, it can take over a year to process. You probably have no idea what to expect and should not deal with your insurance company on your own. Insurance policies can be complicated and confusing and insurance companies tend to use this to their benefit. Some insurance companies deal fairly with their insured, but many do not. It is unwise to take a chance. Dealing with a homeowner claim on your own may not only prove to be counterproductive, it may lead to a denial. Even if you are not denied outright, the insurance company can assert other defenses to diminish your claim. For example, they can say the loss you are claiming is excluded or argue that the loss is below the value you are representing.

You pay your insurance so that you are covered in the event of a loss. However, your insurance company is a business that is most concerned with making a profit. Insurance companies have only a slight incentive to be fair to policyholders who do not know their rights. Your insurance company may unfairly deny coverage, delay the claims process, or refuse to offer you a fair settlement. They may even use your statements against you if you say anything adverse to your property loss claim. It is important to avoid inaccurate statements that could place your coverage and/or credibility at risk. When dealing with a homeowner’s insurance claim in South Florida, your best course of action is to hire an attorney that deals with insurance claims. As mentioned before, dealing with the claim on your own can be detrimental. An attorney can help you deal with your claim and all of its legal ramifications.

Most homeowners’ policies have two sections: one that details coverage for possessions and another that identifies coverage for the actual dwelling. Although this sounds simple, homeowners' policies are complex and contain unclear language that many policyholders will not fully understand. Misinterpretations of homeowners’ insurance policies frequently occur. If you believe that your claim falls within the scope of your policy and the insurance company is refusing to compensate you or reconsider your claim, our lawyers can help.

It is in your best interest to hire an attorney outright should you experience damage or loss to your property. DRG Firm represents homeowners throughout South Florida in first-party insurance disputes. Our attorneys are happy to assist you 24/7. If you have any questions or concerns we can be reached at (888) 413-8353. The consultation is free! Furthermore, DRG Firm works on a contingency fee basis. That means we do not charge you if we do not recover.

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