Homeowner’s Insurance Theft Claims

There are about 169,000 burglaries in the State of Florida per year. Therefore, it is important to keep your home safe and also have adequate insurance to respond to such a situation. Dealing with a theft of burglary can be very traumatic. It is important to call the police as soon as you discover a theft or burglary has taken place. This will create a record of the event and will allow for detail of what has been taken from your home. Take notes of what has been stolen and see if you can find pictures and receipts as well. Whenever you buy expensive items try to keep records and receipts. This will help document the loss and prepare an estimate for the amount of the loss. Many people today use credit cards and debit cards to purchase Items and this makes it easy to document value of object, even though no receipt was retained. As South Florida Homeowner’s theft and burglary insurance attorneys, we understand the stress and difficulty of dealing with a situation like this.

When dealing with a theft one issue that will come up is whether your policy covers replacement cost or actual cash value of your contents. Put simply, actual cash value refers to the value of the object at the time of the loss. Replacement cost refers to the value of the object taking depreciation into account. You can find whether your policy is replacement or actual cash value on the declarations page of your policy. If you have difficulty reviewing your policy, then call us so we can help you.

A common defense for theft claims is fraud. Insurance companies usually look at financial motivators in these kinds of cases. The insurance company may ask for records relating to finance questions. They will also look at the size of the contents stolen. If items like Jewelry or valuable art is stolen, then it is more believable that a theft took place. If a sofas and bed are stolen, then it may be hard to believe that a genuine theft took place. When it comes to valuable objects like jewelry and art it is important to be specific about these items. In an ideal situation there would be receipts and photographs. However, often this is not the case. If the items are very valuable like a Picasso painting, then it would be wise to get a separate rider or policy. For example, a $100,000 policy limit for contents may not cover the full value of such a painting. Miami theft insurance claims attorneys can give you more details about how to protect the contents of your home.

DRG Firm is here to help if you have been the victim of a burglary or theft. Our Fort Lauderdale homeowner’s insurance theft claim attorneys can help you process your claim. If an insurance company is delaying or denying your claim, then we can help. The insurance companies have their attorneys and so should you. We are available 24/7. We can be reached at 1.888.413.8353.

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