Motorcycle Accidents

It is easy to understand the thrill of riding a motorcycle/bike in South Florida. Florida has great weather and one of the most entertaining ways to enjoy it is riding a motorcycle. There is nothing like cruising the vast Florida Roads on a motorcycle. Of course, with this great joy also comes great risk. The results of an accident on a motorcycle can be very severe. Motorcycles are open vehicles with little or no protection. Often, the only solid protection a biker has is a helmet.

In Florida bikers have to watch for things like negligent drivers, poor road conditions, and fatigued truck drivers. Eight percent of all reported motorcycle accident result in death or injury. Motorcycle accident may cause fractures, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, etc.

Below are certain steps you should take after a motorcycle accident in Florida. It is important to keep in mind that insurance companies don’t always deal fairly with victims of motorcycle accident.

If you are in involved in a motorcycle accident in Florida you should take the following steps:

  1. Stay at scene.
  2. The first thing you must do after an accident is stay at the scene. It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident in the state of Florida.

  3. Get treated at scene if needed.
  4. If you feel the slightest pain or discomfort make note of it to the medical personal. Do not try to dismiss any pain or discomfort as this may be a sign of greater injury. It is better to go to the hospital and make sure you are ok then to find out their may be an issue hours or days later.

  5. Call police.
  6. If the police has not arrived, then call them. This is especially necessary if there is any property damage and/or physical injury. Make sure police provide you with a legible police report. Many times officers handwriting is illegible. If there is something you do not understand then make sure to have the police officer clarify it if possible. Most important information on the police report is the name of the other driver(s) in accident and the name(s) of the insurance policy that covers them as well as their policy number.

    In South Florida, after a motorcycle accident, the police will either provide you with an incident card that will indicate a case number or a short form police report. If the police provides you with an incident card, then make sure you can understand the officers handwriting. Also, make sure to get the insurance information from other drivers as you will not have that information on the incident card.

    Other times the police officer will provide you with a short form report. This shows the drivers and passengers involved in the accident as well as the insurance information. Many times a police officer will note the guilty party on the short form.

  7. Exchange information.
  8. As noted before many times an officers handwriting may be illegible and also you may not be provided detailed information on an incident card. It is to your benefit to get other drivers names and insurance information.

    If you are in high traffic are try to remain within the vehicle if possible. If it is dark put your hazard light on and/or flares if available and wait until police arrives.

  9. Take pictures.
  10. Make sure to take pictures. If you can take pictures of the scene, cars, motorcycles, and injuries that took place during the accident do so. These pictures may be beneficial to your claim.

  11. Get witness information.
  12. Take down information of any witnesses who saw the accident and are willing to assist you if their help is needed. If an witness does not seem to be inclined to him then do not persist in requesting his/her help.

  13. Call your insurance company.
  14. Call your insurance company as soon as you are able. When talking to them relay exactly what happened. A police report may help when explaining the accident to the insurance company.

  15. Do not discuss incident.
  16. Avoid talking about the accident unless you are talking to your attorney. Do not post any information about your physical well-being or physical activity in any blog or social media. Do not discuss the accident with opposing insurance companies. If you are called by an opposing insurance company, then immediately relay that you are represented by an attorney.

  17. Do not sign anything presented to you by an insurance adjuster.
  18. Before signing anything provided to you by an insurance adjuster consult with a motorcycle accident attorney.

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