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Personal injury is about compensation for damages, bruises, and impairments that result from either intentional or negligent acts. As Miami Personal Injury and accident attorneys, we understand the difficulties that surround these cases. Personal injury law attempts to return the victim to the position he/she was in before the incident that caused the injury. This is done by awarding the victim of the accident or intentional act with a sum of money proportionate to the injury. Our goal is ultimately to facilitate the claims process for our clients. In a difficult time we want to make things easier.

After an accident, one has to deal with multiple difficulties. For example, you may not have a working car and are unable to get around. Your injuries resulted in loss of work and may take a substantial amount of time to heal. You may be in pain and have difficulty performing regular daily tasks. Our goal is to help our clients through this difficult time. We do this by providing a comprehensive service for our clients. By this we mean that we will handle all aspects of your claim. For example, when dealing with a car accident we will deal with your injury, property, diminished value, and loss of work claims. We will be with you throughout the entire process. Our attorneys and staff will be there when you need them. We will guide you and assist you through every step of the process. In a personal injury claim in Miami and throughout Florida you may be entitled to the following types of compensation:

  1. Injury, pain, disability, disfigurement, loss of capacity for enjoyment of life: Any bodily injury sustained by (name) and any resulting pain and suffering [disability or physical impairment] [disfigurement] [mental anguish] [inconvenience] [or] [loss of capacity for the enjoyment of life] experienced in the past [or to be experienced in the future].
  2. Care and treatment of claimant: The reasonable [value] [or] [expense] of [hospitalization and] medical [and nursing] care and treatment necessarily or reasonably obtained by (claimant) in the past [or to be so obtained in the future].
  3. Lost earnings, lost time, lost earning capacity: [Any earnings] [Any working time] lost in the past [and any loss of ability to earn money in the future].
  4. Spouse’s loss of consortium and services: this is a , claim brought by (spouse), you should award (spouse) an amount of money which the greater weight of the evidence shows will fairly and adequately compensate (spouse) for any loss by reason of [his wife’s] [her husband’s] injury, of [his] [her] services, comfort, society and attentions in the past [and in the future] caused by the incident in question.
  5. Parental loss of filial consortium as a result of significant injury resulting in child’s permanent disability: This award is given for a parent’s inability to enjoy the company of his children, resulting from the injury.

The above are awards that are allowed under Florida Personal Injury Law and reflects language for Jury Instructions allowed under the Florida Supreme Courts Notes of Use 502.1. Some of the above mentioned rewards may not be applicable to your particular case. However, our job is to get Just compensation for any and all injuries you may have sustained, resulting from the negligence of another party.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself what you need to make a Personal Injury claim in Florida. There are three basic things that are needed for a Personal Injury claim throughout the State of Florida: Liability, damages, and ability to pay. This means that the other party needs to be at fault (or at least have some of the fault), one has to have some injuries (some cases like slip/trip and fall are an exception), and the liable party should have the ability to respond economically or monetarily to the claim. If these three factors are present then you may have a Personal Injury Claim. Of course, this is an oversimplification. This website has a plethora of information which may provide more detailed information about your specific personal injury claim.

We like to keep our clients informed about their claim and the process. We understand that frank and informative communication is key to facilitating our client’s success and ability to return to normality. As Miami Car Accident Attorneys we understand the difficulties you may be going through. We are here to Help Florida Accident Victims. We can be reached at 1.888.413.8353.

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