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DRG Firm is here to assist you with your renter’s insurance claim. The causes for a renter’s insurance claim can be as varied as a homeowner’s insurance claim. A renter’s insurance claim could result from a storm, fire, lightning, water damage, sinkhole, theft, or flooding. However, many renters’ insurance policies have exclusion relating to flood or storm claims. It is important to understand your renter’s insurance policy. If you have any questions regarding your policy, then call a Miami renter’s insurance claim attorney.

Renter’s insurance usually covers contents that have been damaged by an unexpected event. For example, furniture, clothes, electronics, jewelry, art, and any other possession that may be in your custody. Some renter’s policies cover alternative leaving expenses (ALE). This is a coverage designed to pay for cost related to lodging and food as a result of the loss. To determine what is covered by your policy have a Miami-Dade renter’s insurance review it. An attorney will assist you get maximum compensation for your loss.

A few things to keep in mind after you have suffered or been a victim of a loss:

  • You should report your loss to insurance company as soon as you discover. If you are unsure about how to do this, then contact a Florida renter’s insurance lawyer right away. If you are a victim of theft, then make sure to report this to the police right away.
  • Make sure to save any receipts you have for any of the items that were damaged or stolen. It is always wise to save receipts and take pictures of your possession when the insurance policy takes effect. If items are damaged, then take multiple pictures to keep a record.
  • If your renter’s policy covers alternative living expenses then you should keep receipts of lodging/hotel and restaurants.

The above tips will help with a renter’s insurance claim. However, insurance companies have many tactics they can use to delay, deny, and undervalue your claim. They may argue that contents depreciated to great extent or that certain items can be fixed or repaired. Some insurance companies may contest your alternative leaving expenses as well. Our South Florida insurance claims attorneys know how to deal with the tactics insurance companies use to minimize or avoid payment of a claim. The following is a list of common renter’s insurance defense tactics used by insurers:

  • The claim is fraudulent,
  • The loss/damage is not covered under the policy,
  • The policy was cancelled due to nonpayment,
  • The loss fell under a policy exclusion,
  • The loss should be covered by your landlord’s policy.

Insurance companies understand that a renter making a claim may be in a state of duress. Some insurance companies may use this to their advantage. It is well known that their job is to make a profit. Therefore, if they can use any means to save on a claim, then they will. Of Course, not all insurance companies are the same. For this reason, it is important to consult with a Fort Lauderdale renter’s insurance claim attorney that can tailor his approach to your needs.

Our Miami renter’s insurance lawyers are available 24/7 to help you with your claim. We can be reached at 1.888.413.8353.

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